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Our Breads, Pastries & Treats

We don’t just use any flour for our French breads. Ours comes from the best wheat in France. It’s supremely fine. And, when used in our unique recipe, it makes bread that’s open and light with a delicately crispy crust. Flour is fine. Ours is exquisite – and it makes French bread like no other.

Flaky rather than crumbly, light yet not flimsy, moist but never heavy… There’s an art to making pastry in the noble tradition of French viennoiserie. We like to think we’ve perfected that art, and given it our own unique Cuisine de France twist.

Most blueberry muffins only have bits of blueberry in them – ours have whole blueberries, and big ones at that. We mix them in with our creamy yoghurt muffin base, and the result is utterly scrumptious, with coffee or without.

Our Breads

Sourdough Bloomer

Our new addition to the range of Cuisine de France breads is a sourdough bloomer made from a Mother Dough which is unique to Cuisine de France bakeries. Nurtured over a period of 20 years, this is the secret ingredient to this amazingly soft and crumbly loaf.

Research has shown that the slow fermentation process of the yeast during the baking of sourdough is beneficial to the digestive system – breaking the stereotypical negative impression of white bread!

This Sourdough Bloomer can make even the most humble ingredients into a high quality sandwich and is the perfect accompaniment to soup or toasted to make an amazing bruschetta!

Le Parisien Rustique Baguette

The most French that a bread can be!

Le Parisien Rustique French baguette is made from the highest quality ingredients, benefitting from unique slow fermentation and stone baked finish, creating a light airy bread with a delicious golden crust. Tear and share, butter or don’t….the choice is yours!

There is also a demi-rustique baguette available for those with a slightly smaller appetite!

Le Parisien White Baguette

Classically French… yet utterly unique

Not all French breads are born equal. Le Parisien from Cuisine de France is born of a unique recipe that is ours and ours alone. There is no other like it. We insist on using the finest wheat grown and milled in France. Only French wheat gives us flour with the fineness we need to craft a bread that is distinctively crispy on the outside; light and open on the inside; and utterly delicious. It’s a classic in the French tradition.

French meets Italian with our scrumptious Baguetti Bolognaise recipe.

La Rustique Multiseed Grain Baguette

Absolutely bursting with seeds and grain…

We don’t believe in doing things by halves. Where others merely sprinkle the seeds over the top of the dough, our La Rustique baguette has seeds and grains mixed throughout. In fact it’s bursting with three kinds of seed – sesame, linseed and sunflower – making it the perfect bread for today’s balanced lifestyle. But it’s not just about goodness, it’s about taste – and once you try it, you’ll be captivated.

Wheaten Loaf

A traditional bread for a modern sensibility

There’s wisdom in tradition, and some breads are best made the old-fashioned way. Our Wheaten Loaf is from an Irish recipe created back in 1939 that includes coarse and stone-ground flours as well as fresh Irish buttermilk. The result is a delicious wheaten bread that’s yeast free, high in fibre and naturally low in fat.

Triple Grain Demi

Just because it’s a demi-baguette doesn’t mean it’s short on flavour. Our Triple Grain Demi is bursting with grainy goodness too, thanks to the linseed, sesame seed and kibbled rye generously mixed throughout.

  • White Vienna Loaf

    A light crumb and crisp crust make our Vienna loaf exceptionally appetising and a delicious meal accompaniment.

  • Poppy Vienna Loaf

    Poppy seeds impart a wonderfully nutty flavour to our distinctive take on a Viennese classic.

Our Pastries

Raspberry Crown Pastry Available Now In-Store

This award winning pastry is rich, buttery and filled with a delicious raspberry compote. Perfect in the morning with your tea or coffee, but also works as an indulgent afternoon treat. Believe us when we say that it is not to be missed!

Royal Danish Selection

A trio of flaky, pastry delights

Why have one pastry when you can have three? An Almond and Vanilla Crème Crown topped off with hazelnut flakes… An Almond and Apple Crown filled with sweet apple chunks and finished with almond flakes… A Cinnamon Swirl laced with scrumptious sweet cinnamon… Our Danish Selection is a trio of pure bliss.

Chocolate Torsade

Taking its name from the French for ‘twist’, this soft butter pastry is filled with smooth vanilla cream and velvety dark chocolate chips. We’d be quite surprised if it’s not the tastiest French twist you’ve ever had.

Le Isigny Croissant

With 16 layers of uniquely flaky, all-butter pastry

Each of our croissants is made exclusively with rich French butter from a centuries-old technique. The buttery dough is stretched and folded delicately to give up to 16 layers, which when baked give a uniquely flaky texture and an indescribably delicious taste. If it’s a Cuisine de France croissant, it’s an all-butter croissant – so savour every flake.

Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast with our Very French Toast with Strawberries recipe.

Le Pécan Maple Pecan Plait

We didn’t invent it, but we might just have perfected it

Only the crunchiest pecans and most delectable maple syrup are good enough for our uniquely delicious take on a Danish classic. We mightn’t have been the first to make this one, but we think we might just have perfected it!

Le Raisin Pain aux Raisins

Stuffed with raisins, oozing with crème pâttisière

The pain aux raisins is a classic French treat, but ours is something special. We pack our unique Cuisine de France dough full of moist raisins from Turkey, then add our sumptuous crème pâttisière. The resulting texture is distinctive, delicious, and unforgettable. Unravel it slowly or munch on it with abandon – however you eat it, a Cuisine de France Le Raisin moment is a moment made special.

Le Isigny Choco Pain au Chocolat

Sublime French chocolate makes the French pastry par excellence

The pain au chocolat might just be the ultimate French pastry, and every one we create is a flakily mouth-watering masterpiece. Our special layered Cuisine de France croissant pastry is shot through with intense, dark French chocolate to give an irresistible combination of texture and taste.

Go on you know you want to, try a Choco Butter Pudding.

Our Treats

Cranberry & Lemon Drizzle Scone

NEW and Available Now!

A traditional Irish buttermilk scone with vibrant cranberries and a subtle hint of lemon zest. The scone is glazed and then hand-finished with a light drizzle of simple lemon icing.

The perfect scone for any time of the day that requires only a spread of butter, making it a real delight.

Seeded Fruit Scone

A wheaten scone made with buttermilk and treacle, with the added goodness of oat bran and a delicate warmth of mixed spice in every bite. Full of plump sultanas, currants and apricot pieces, balanced with crunchy sunflower, poppy and linseeds and finished with subtle hint of desiccated coconut.

Delicious on its own but even better warmed and served with lashings of butter and your favourite jam.

Traditional Apple Tart

A traditional, deep dish Apple Tart made with Bramley apples from Co. Dublin. The rich, buttery short crust pastry perfectly complements the sweet apple filling, making each bite deliciously moreish!Served warm or cold, with cream or without, our new Apple Tart is the perfect comforting dessert to share with family.

Toffee & Apple Tart

NEW & Available Now!

An innovative twist on a classic dessert, the Toffee Apple Tart features a moist sponge filled with a delicious toffee and apple filling. The tart is then topped with sticky toffee glaze and crunchy sugar crystals.

Served in a ‘Treat and Share’ box, this tart is the perfect gift for friends and family!

Chocolate Hazelnut Lattice

Available Now!

A rich, buttery puff pastry lattice with a smooth, indulgent cocoa and hazelnut praline filling.

Chocolate Hazelnut Lattice Cuisine de France

Apple Lattice

Lighter treats don’t have to be less delicious, as our apple lattice resoundingly shows. It combines delicate puff pastry generously filled with apple and topped off with a sprinkling of sugar.

Chocolate Muffin

Let our muffins take you to chocolate heaven. As you bite through the spongy smoothness, discovering delicious chocolate chips on your way, you’ll break through to a molten core of indulgence. So it’s not just a muffin, it’s a chocolaty journey of texture and luxury.

Blueberry Muffin

Who said blueberry muffins couldn’t be decadent? Not our bakers anyway. They pick only the juiciest whole blueberries and gently mix them in our creamy yogurt base. And to set it all off, our blueberry muffins have a light crumble topping for added yum factor.

  • Jam Doughnut

    An everyday treat that’s really quite special

    Doughnuts are an everyday treat, but there’s nothing ordinary about one of our jam doughnuts. In fact, our unique jam of plum, apple and blackcurrant is a recipe we hold under lock and key. So whenever you bite into a Cuisine de France doughnut, it’s as if you’re being let into a delicious secret…

  • Ring Doughnut

    A uniquely satisfying classic

    Why does the hole in the middle make a ring doughnut so satisfying to eat? Nobody knows. But a Cuisine de France ring doughnut is uniquely satisfying for two very clear reasons: its scrumptious taste and its perfectly moist texture.

  • Bramley Apple Tart

    Comfortingly scrumptious

    The comforting taste of Irish Bramley apples encased in uniquely scrumptious shortcrust pastry.